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Key Specifications, 5 in 1 Special Features:

Human body is an electricity conductor. Body Analyzer sends mild electrical current from 3 AAA batteries to measure resistance. Using personal data on gender, age, body height, body weight, and wrist perimeter, the Body-analyzer calculates with considerable accuracy bone mass, body water, body fat, and daily calorie consumption.

The 5 Health Indicators:

Bone Mass:
Bone is susceptible to fracture as bone mass decreases. To keep bones health, one must exercise and take balanced diet.
Water Percent:
Water is necessary for body circulation. It is also the lubricant for joints.
Fat Percent:
Fat supplies us energy and heat. Excessive fat, however, detrimental to our health.
Muscles supply energy and motion. Muscles keep us going.
Calorie Consumption (metabolism):
Calories are burned to keep body warm and supply energy. Each individual's metabolism, and his activities determine the calories required per day.

The package includes:
Body Analyzer
3 AAA heavy-duty bateries
Elegant carrying pouch with string
Wrist measurement tape

One-year limited warranty. With proper care this unit should give you years of service.

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