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Red, Blue and Yellow Bio-Lights

Key Specifications and Special Features:

  • Each ES220 light has 34 LED bulbs. Each color light sold separately.
  • Nanometer Bio Lights offers a non-invasive cold light herapy. because of its special wavelength. There is no harm and has no side effects on human body.
  • Blue Light: 470 nm Kills bacteria and hence helps control acne.
  • Yellow: 580 nm  Multieffect
  • Red Light: 660nm Improves metabolism, produces collagen and is anti wrinkle.
  • People can bathe in nanmometer bio-light onto skin and decide the therapy time according to their type of skin.
  • Does not discolor skin. No adverse effect from Bio light.
  • Healing: Bio-light can stimulate body cells to heal some 5 times faster than normal. 
  • One-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
    Buyer will return any defective unit back to seller at buyer's cost. After reapair, or replacement, at seller's discretion, the unit is shipped to buyer at no additional cost.
    Light wavelengths:
    Blue: 470 nm
    Yellow: 580 nm
    Red: 660nm
  • CE, GS, T-mark and UL approved
  • Shuts off automatically.
    The seller does not claim any medical or health benefit of this devise or promise any health cure. Consult physician for medical issues. For any abnormal reactions, discontue use and consult physician.
  • Power output: 
    AC 15V, 350mA 
    Includes your choice of input adapter:
    110V, or 220V.  Please advise 

    Wholesale inquiries are welcome.
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