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Multi-Purpose Micro Current Muscle Stimulation Beauty Device
Multi-Purpose Warm Vibrator, Stimulator, Massager: BeautiTron

My Secret of Looking Young!

List Price: $365.00
  • One-year limited warranty under proper use.
  • CE, GS, T-mark and UL approved adapter
  • Auto shut-off upto 20 minutes
  • Use once or twice a day for face and twice a week for body.
  • Power: 110V-240V universal adapter for worldwide use, 0.36A.
  • Output: DC 12V=1.2A

Download 2 part movie demonstration of Beauti-Tron in Japanese with Chinese subtitles.

Part 1: Japanese.mp4
Part II: Japanese.mp4


Key Specifications/ Micro Current Muscle Stimulator:
Quality Solid-State Engineering and Manufacturing.
Authorized direct distributor and importer

Beauti Tron uses Micro Current Muscle Stimulation to energize human body.

The built-in warmer activates and energizes skin cells and muscles.
3 level vibrating helps lymph system to improve metabolism

Facilitates deeper, efficient pentration of nutrients.


. Beauti Tron is designed with practical and user-friendly software. Users can quickly determine the combination parameters most suitable for an individual.

Use moisturizer or ultrasonic gel on dry skin for comfort.You need Ultrasonic Gel to make most use of the device. It allows full penetration of waves and makes the skin smooth and flexible.

The seller does not claim any medical or health benefit of this devise or promise any cure. Consult physician for medical issues. For any abnormal reactions, discontue use and consult physician

MSRP= US$365.00
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