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4Sure Skin Care
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Ultrasonic Ultrasound Body Massager with 12 Red LED Skin Lights NEW MuscleMate

Ultrasound technology works by delivering minute acoustic vibrations via a quartz crystal transducer . The energy generated from these ultrasonic waves can be absorbed by proteins in tissues, muscles, fats, and blood. The process creates conditions or channels through which topical creams, medicines, dermal nutrients and cosmetics can be delivered to the skin and under skins very efficiently and wastes are extracted.
The moving cells vibrate muscles deep inside and make them relax without generating much heat.

  • An elegant and durable ultrasonic hand device
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Large contact area of effective coverage
  • Power: 24V DC,150 mA.
  • Frequency: 1 MHZ ( Million times a second ). Body penetration of some 8 cm.
  • Energy Output: High / Middle / Low adjustable.
  • Resonance: Intermittent or Continuous.
  • Power adapter for 240V, your choice.
  • 6 months warranty for normal personal use.
  • Cover for proper storage.
  • Discount price.
    Complimentary U-Sonic Gel with purchase.

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